“The Valley Road and the Mountain Path” by Darius M. Ratcliff, February 13, 1945



A road leads away through the valley,

            And promises abundance of fun;

The crowds are gay in the valley:

            Why think of the setting of the sun?

Let us eat, let us laugh, and be merry;

            Let us have a good time while we may:

We are young and carefree and happy;

            We are out to enjoy the whole day.

But Christ has been calling and warning: –

            Alas, is He’s called us in vain:

For His wrath is over the valley,

And we falter and fall with the  slain.

If we ignore God’s calling and warning,

            And despise the Lord and His light;

If we follow the way of our pleasures,

            We’ll be lost in the valley of night.

Have you looked ahead in the valley

            To see what your journey will be?

If the wrath of God’s in the valley,

            Do you think earth’s blessings you’ll see?

Have you looked afar in the valley,

            Where the clouds in the distance dark swell?

Is your road a highway to glory?

            Of the broad way leading to hell?

A path is cut in the mountains,

            And narrow and rugged the way;

And few are the mortals who find it,

            And fewer the heroes who stay.

But the path is the highway to glory,

            And there is not another way;

And a cross marks out in the mountains

            The highway leading to day.

And the love of God is in the mountains,

            And blessings are given up there:

There is joy and unspeakable glory

            For those who the rugged way dare.

And heaven is reached through the mountains:

            It lies at the rugged way’s end.

Its gates are open to travelers,

            The traveler who the mountains ascend.

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2 thoughts on ““The Valley Road and the Mountain Path” by Darius M. Ratcliff, February 13, 1945

  1. Beverly Carter says:

    Wow. I like that one a lot!


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