“Come” by Darius M. Ratcliff, June 5, 1944


Out from this earth’s vain wisdom and pride

Out from the offers of vain glories beside,

Out from its trust and worship of man,

Out from its magnifying time’s brief span,

Into a faith in the crucified One,

Into radiance in God’s only Son,

Into the Christ who died in your stead.


Out of earth’s darkness and blindness and night,

Out of its weakness and failure and plight,

Out of its poverty, sickness, and woe,

Out of its vanity, pride, and mere show;

Into the light of Christ’s glorious day,

Into the strength of His triumphant sway,

Into His treasures and gladness and joy,

Into these things that naught can destroy.


Out of uncertainties, doubts, and dread fears,

Out of earth’s torments and sorrows and tears,

Out from the shadow of death and the tomb,

Out from impending slavery and doom;

Into the peace of assurance divine,

Into the knowledge that Jesus is mine,

Into the freedom where Jesus makes free,

Into the life forever to be.


Out of thyself, and having thy way,

Ignoring, despising all thoughts of God’s sway,

Out of rebellion against power above,

Refusing, denying submission and love;

Into the Christ as thy own to believe,

Into the Spirit by faith to receive,

Into the life by the Spirit to live.

Into the fullness which Christ and God give.


Out of the passionate love of the world,

Clinging to treasures by mammon unfurled,

Out  of the serving of Satan and flesh,

Laying up treasures where moths prey afresh;

Into salvation to the Master of love,

Into the striving for treasure above,

Into His service to find they delight,

Into His service, who claims you by right.


Out of the realm of the prince of the air,

Out of the road that leads to despair,

Out of a hope that lureth in vain,

Out of these glories beginning to wane,

Into the realm where earth’s gains are but loss,

Into the kingdom of God and the cross,

Into the way of the Lord’s promised rest,

Into the fold of the ransomed and blessed.


 Photo above:

Sermon on the Mount by Danish painter Carl Heinrich Bloch (May 23, 1834 – February 22, 1890).

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