“The Time is Now” by Darius M. Ratcliff, January 27, 1944



The time is now.

Oh hear it, thou.

O fellow man,

Your soul God can

Make His today.

Do not delay,

On Christ believe,

The Christ receive;

Make Him your own,

The way is known.

You can not lose,

If Christ you choose.


The time is now.

And ask not how

You may postpone;

Yes, you alone,And not obey,

Is this your day,

The Gospel’s call

To one and all.

While you delay,

Choose your own way,

The day is past.

Your day, your last.


The time is now.

The heavens bow

To lift you up,

Make full your cup.

You can Christ know,

Like Him here grow;

Through His rich grace

Reflect His face,

Bring life to others,

Make them Christ’s brothers.

You all can gain,

Great heights attain.


The time is now.

Oh, face it, thou,

You’re in this fight

For truth and right.

The foe is strong,

Entrenched is wrong;

Your course is on.

God’s armor don;

For if you fail,

To don this mail,

You’ll meet defeat,

And that complete.


The time is now.

And seek not how

You can pursue

Christ and earth too;

How you can stay

From church away;

How you can live,

And never give;

How you God’s work

Can always shirk;

How you can win,

And fall within.


The time is now.

If you allow

You day is pass;

It will, alas.

Then you must face

Your deep disgrace,

And final doom,

Where there’s no room,

Nor any scope

For faintest hope.

You’ll e’er be left

Of God bereft.

Photo above: Christ the Redeemer (Cristo Redentor), the statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Retrieved from: http://public-domain-images.blogspot.com/2010/12/christ-redeemer-cristo-redentor-rio-de.html

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